About My Work:
As a full time professional potter. I love making beautiful functional items that will enrich the
home experience of my customers.
I know some artists see simplicity and functionality as negative or elementary. They believe
that it takes away from the importance of a piece of art, and avoid it in their work. I reject this.
Pottery, to me, is an art form that derives its greatest power and meaning through use. There
is a vibrant and meaningful synergy that is born in a piece of art that is touched and used
regularly. It starts with the hands of the potter forming the vessel out of raw earth, but it is
completed in the daily use and ritual of the owner of the pot. The tactile experience- the
intimacy with which you interact with your favorite coffee mug, or even the adornment of a vase
with fresh flowers, makes pottery become something more meaningful than just an object.
The way a pot feels and how well it performs its role are a big part of that daily experience. It
is for this reason that I strive for incredibly functional pieces.
Nature also plays a big part in informing and inspiring my pieces. In some pots it is very
obvious… My pitchers are based on the breast of a bird, my vegetable trays on a daffodil; my
bird houses on an acorn. For many of my pieces the inspiration is more subtle, but it is
always there. My color palette is inspired by the natural world as well.

I am grateful every day for having been given the gift of artistic ability.  I form earth into vessels
that are both functional and beautiful, and that enrich people's lives.  They are imbued with
the vitality of handmade craftsmanship, and the spirit of the earth, and thereby carry a life of
their own.  It is something like nostalgia- a feeling of beauty that is rich and deep, but
impossible to define.
People often tell me of a certain piece that they have had and used for 10 or 20 or 30 years-
and how after all that time how it has come to mean so much to them.  The right pot can
become so special that it is almost a part of the family.  And it lifts my heart to know that some
of my pieces will eventually have that place of distinction and love in someone's heart and
home long after I have forgotten them.
My long term goal is to retain and enrich my gratitude, and not lose sight of the beauty of my
gift or get lost in the struggles for money and survival.  I remind myself daily that if I keep
passion and gratitude in my heart, and work hard and stay creative that prosperity will
inevitably follow.
Pottery brings the beauty of the earth into people's hands.  It is the vessel to deliver
nourishment, and is the center of the hearth; the center of the home.  To each of you who
appreciate its worth and continue to support individual craftsmen like myself I extend the
warmest of thanks.

Emily Brown

Please explore my
photo gallery, and feel free to contact me with order requests, new ideas,
or feedback of any kind.
Beautiful and functional stoneware pottery for the home.  All pieces are lead free, and dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.
Handmade Stoneware Pottery By Emily Brown
About Me:
I am a nature lover and have always been hands
on and creative.  I loved school, and was thrilled
and fascinated by learning,  but I always
especially looked forward to art class.  My high
school art teacher, Ken Austin, saw potential in
me and pushed me to explore my passion and
develop my skills.  He helped me to see
possibilities in myself that I had never before
considered.  I knew then that I wanted to be an
artist, but I had not yet gotten the opportunity to
work with clay.  
The summer before I started college, I took a pottery class at Laguna
Gloria, in Austin, TX.  I loved working on the wheel, and I knew that I
wanted to learn more as soon as I could.  It took two years at The
University of Texas before I was able to register for classes in clay- but
once I did, I did not have a semester when I was not working in the
ceramic studio.  I studied intensely both in functional pottery and in
ceramic sculpture.  In 2000 I received the Kelly Fearing Endowed
Scholarship for excellence for my work in ceramic vessels.  However, my
first passion was photography, and I was convinced that it would be
through pictures that I would earn my living.
When I graduated with my BFA in studio art, my family bought me a
medium format camera and I began trying to figure out how to make a
living in the art of photography.  I worked in a photo lab, and I had a few
small ventures into family photography in natural settings.... But I missed
clay.  I decided that I would build a studio, and I would teach in order  to
make money.
I built my studio in 2002, but I never did end up teaching.  Instead I got a
job with a production pottery in the glaze department.  For three years I
worked at Sunset Canyon Pottery glazing pots and loading kilns.  I had a
small section in the gallery with my own pots for sale, and I had spring
and fall sales at my home studio, but my production was low- it was
mostly for fun.
Then in 2007, I decided to fully launch Little e Pottery.  I started signing up
for shows, and I began working full time in my home studio.

Over the years my work has grown and evolved, and my line has
expanded.  Little e Pottery has taken on a life of its own, and it has
become a fulfilling and rewarding career.  I love to imagine the thousands
of pieces of mine that are out there in people's homes being used on a
daily basis, and I look forward to many more years of turning earth into art.
Little e Pottery
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