About My Work:

When I met clay, it immediately took hold of me on a visceral level. The
experience of working in a medium that gave me the ability to take
something from inside my head, create it from earth, and then virtually
set it into stone was simply intoxicating.

I quickly gravitated toward functional ware. I love sculpture and 2d art- I
truly do love art for the sake of art... but what I love even more is the
idea of transfusing art into the mundane. I believe that functional art,
especially when actually used by its owner, imparts beauty and
meaning to something that could otherwise be a forgotten moment in
life. It brings you to the present to appreciate the simple, and in my
view, most important parts of life and happiness. If you bring Little e
Pottery into your life, I hope you will use my work rather than simply
displaying it, and please don't save it for a "special occasion". Every
day life is the most special thing we have, and it should be appreciated
and beautified whenever possible.

Employing a variety of techniques, all pieces in the Little e Pottery line
are handmade by me from start to finish. I have no employees or
assistants. I feel deeply connected to the work that I do. I get true
satisfaction from starting with a ball of mud and following that all the
way through to a beautiful and functional piece of art. I utilize the wheel,
the slab roller, and the extruder in creating my unique line of functional
pottery. I make all of my own glazes, and all are food safe and lead free.

Rather than hire help, I choose to be the hands and mind behind all
steps of the creation process of each and every piece of Little e Pottery.
I feel that this imparts the greatest possible consistency, quality, and
meaning to each of my pieces. My greatest goal with my work is to
make every piece be worthy of becoming a valuable addition to
someone's life.


Please explore my
photo gallery, and feel free to contact me with order
requests, new ideas, or feedback of any kind.
Beautiful and functional stoneware pottery for the home.  All pieces are lead free and dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Handmade Stoneware Pottery By Emily Brown
About Me:
I am a nature lover and have always
been hands on and creative. I loved
school, and was thrilled and
fascinated by learning,  but I always
especially looked forward to art
class.  My high school art teacher saw
potential in me and pushed me to
explore my passion and develop my
skills. He helped me to see
possibilities in myself that I had never
before considered. I knew then that I
wanted to be an artist, and I entered
the University of Texas as a studio art
major in 1996.
At UT I concentrated in both photography and ceramics. I studied
intensely both in functional pottery and in ceramic sculpture. In 2000
I received the Kelly Fearing Endowed Scholarship for excellence for
my work in ceramic vessels. However, my first passion was
photography, and when I graduated with my BFA in studio art  I
began trying to figure out how to make a living in the art of
photography. I worked in a photo lab and I had a few small ventures
into freelance family photography in natural settings.... But I missed
clay. I decided that I would build a studio, and thought I would teach
in order  to make money.
I built my studio in 2002, but I never did end up teaching.  Instead I
got a job with a production pottery in the glaze department. For three
years I worked glazing pots and loading kilns and only making my
own work at home in my spare time. I had a small section in the
gallery with my own pots for sale, and I had spring and fall sales at
my home studio, but it was only my side gig. Finally, in 2007, I
decided to fully launch Little e Pottery and began working full time in
my home studio.

Over the years my work has grown and evolved, and my line has
expanded.  Little e Pottery has taken on a life of its own, and it has
become a fulfilling and rewarding career.  I love to imagine the
thousands of pieces of mine that are out there in people's homes
being used on a daily basis, and I look forward to many more years
of turning earth into art.
Little e Pottery
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