Little e Pottery
If you have been looking for a unique
way to display your house numbers, here
it is!  Numbers on one big pot (up to four
numbers) or combine individual pots in
your choice of five heights.  Perfect for
the front porch, or the edge of the lot.  I
custom make each pot, so the
possibilities are endless!
Color: Lagoon
sizes 3 & 5- total$112
Single # pots- size 1=$26, size 2=$30, size 3=$34, size 4=$38, size 5=$42
Color: Sky
Sizes 1, 2 & 3 Total $72
Color: Toffee
Sizes 1 & 5 Total $82
Multiple number pots: Small (up to three numbers)$150, or with attached drip
pan for $175; Large (up to four numbers) $165, or with attached drip pan for $190