Yunnan Steaming Pot  $92
Little e Pottery
A traditional cooking pot from the Yunnan
province of China.  Mine has a 3-3.5 Qt. capacity.
The most common recipe makes a slow cooked
chicken soup by placing the pot on top of a boiling
pot of water, but this pot can also go in the oven
for baking traditional casseroles. (not for use on
direct flame!)
Color: Midnight
Color: Mirage
Recipe  for Yunnan Steamed
Pot Chicken

Ingredients and Directions:
4 lb Chicken, cut into pieces
1 ts Salt
6 sl Fresh ginger
2 Scallions
3 c Chicken stock
2 tb Rice wine or dry sherry

To make this soup, use a  
Yunnan ceramic steam pot (a
squat, rounded lidded vessel
with an internal spout that
allows steam to circulate but
not escape).  BLANCH THE
CHICKEN for 3 minutes in a
large pot of boiling water.
Remove the chicken and rinse
thoroughly in cold running
water. Place the chicken
pieces around the Yunnan pot.
Sprinkle the chicken with the
salt, and scatter the ginger
pieces and scallions over the
top. Pour in the chicken stock
and rice wine or sherry. Cover
and gently steam on stove for 2
hours, replenishing the hot
water from time to time if
needed. Remove the ginger
and scallion pieces. With a
spoon, skim off all the surface
fat. Ladle the soup into a
tureen, and place the chicken
on a platter with dipping
sauces. Makes 4 to 6 Servings
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